The pictures below shows the different stages of the process from start to finish.
box_liner_pond_(1) box_liner_pond_(1a) box_liner_pond_(2) box_liner_pond_(3)
box_liner_pond_(4) box_liner_pond_(5) box_liner_pond_(6) box_liner_pond_complete

The second picture is of the new pond once we have removed the soil and have placed the bottom drain. We then laid the concrete base.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th pictures are the new block work for the pond and the underlay to protect the liner and the liner.
The 6th picture is the new filter being fitted on to the bottom drain so that water is drawn from the bottom of the pond to the filter. A cabinet was then put round the filter to help protect it and to finish the aesthetics of the pond. The pumps and UVC plus controls are also in the cabinet.