Rummynose Tetra




Rummy nose tetras display a variety of different colours and patterns across their body. This unusual mix of styles makes them stand out in your tank as one of the most attractive fish.

Keeping a shoal will intensify these colours and patterns as they move around in unison. The more you have, the better the effect.

They’re easy to feed and generally simple to care for, you just need to monitor the conditions in your tank closely. A little experience is needed to make sure they stay healthy.

Approx. size:4-6cm
Maximum size: 8cm
Origin: South America
Ideal number kept together: 0+

Water conditions
pH: 6.5–7.5
Hardness: 140-535 ppm
Temperature: 20–26 °C

Ease of care

The setup is simple and not too difficult to maintain. Starting at the bottom of the tank, you will want a fine grained substrate. This will most closely resemble these species’ natural habitat. You can use gravel if you prefer since rummy nose tetras don’t spend much time in the lower levels of the tank. Pick some plants that will grow into the middle levels of the water. These are the preferred shelter of tetras; they may want to get away from other fish or bright lights when stressed. Decorations aren’t too important, but you can add some if you want. Just make sure that you leave plenty of space for swimming. A heater is needed to keep the water warm. The temperature should be in the range of 20-26°c to match the tropical waters of the Amazon. pH needs to be controlled too, keep it between 6.5-7.5. Hardness should be 2-10 KH. You don’t need an air/water pump as the filter outlet will keep the water moving, but you can add them if you’d like. Standard aquarium lighting is suitable; they’ll take cover in the plants when they need shelter from the lights. An external filter is advisable since rummy nose tetras can be sensitive to ammonia/nitrates in the water and external filters tend to be more effective.


Rummy nose tetras are omnivores. So in the wild they would eat small bits of plant debris, small insects, larvae or eggs. Generally anything that would fit into their mouths. There are lots of foods available from stores to provide them with a similar diet at home. Flake and pellet foods are some of the simplest options.


As peaceful fish they pair well with other peaceful species, and their setup requirements are similar to lots of other fish. There are just a few things to bear in mind. Keep them away from large or aggressive fish. They can get stressed easily and their health will deteriorate as a result.

Breeding / Sex

The first problem you will encounter when breeding your rummy nose tetra is making sure you have a good mix of male and females. Since they are so difficult to sex, this can often be trial and error. The best option is to get their sex confirmed by a specialist breeder when you buy them. To encourage breeding, the conditions in the tank need to be perfect. Warm the tank up to around 84°F, this should trigger spawning. Strong filtration is important; these fish are sensitive and won’t spawn in polluted water.

Life Span
6 – 8 Years