Lemon Tetra



Lemon Tetra are a great addition to a freshwater tropical aquarium. They are brightly coloured so stand out well in a planted tank.

The lemon tetra (Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis) is a species of tropical freshwater fish which originates from South America, belonging to the family Characidae. It is a small tetra growing up to 5 cm in length.

Please be aware that the image is for illustration purposes only. We are unable to guarantee the exact size, colour, sex or age of the fishes you are purchasing. If you have any questions regarding livestock please contact us. To minimise stress we are unable to hand pick specific fish. Lifespan is an estimate based on optimum conditions.

Approx. size: 1-2cm
Maximum size: 5cm
Origin: South America
Ideal number kept together: 5+


Water conditions
pH: 5.0–7.5
Hardness: 18-215 ppm
Temperature: 20–28 °C

Ease of care
Easy. These warm water fish are great for hobbyist just starting to look after tropical fish.

Ominvore. The food we recommend is tropical fish flake. Occasional live or frozen food can be given as a treat.


A great community fish with other similar size fishes.
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Easy. Recommended housing in their own species-only tank while breeding.

Life Span

They can live to anything from 4-6 years in perfect conditions.

Additional information

Weight 500 g