Black Ruby Barb


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There are many peaceful tropical fish available for a community aquarium.

Ruby barbs are a great choice, they are active, colourful and peaceful.

Their hardy nature makes them easy to care for, so both veterans and beginners can enjoy them.

This shoaling species loves to be in large groups. The more you can keep, the more remarkable their group behaviours become.

Approx. size:4-6cm
Maximum size: 6cm
Origin: South Asia
Ideal number kept together: 3+

Water conditions
pH: 6.0–7.8
Hardness: 143-536 ppm
Temperature: 20–28 °C

Ease of care

A fundamental aspect of caring for fish is keeping their aquarium clean. A dirty tank helps diseases thrive and spread. Perform water changes every couple of weeks to prevent pollutants from building up. If you spot signs of disease, increase the frequency of water changes.


These fish are omnivorous and will take whatever food they can get. There are lots of foods you can choose from when designing their diet. We recommend a high grade tropical flake and or pellet.


In general this fish species isn’t aggressive but can be nippy if not cared for correctly.

Breeding / Sex

Ruby Barbs are quite easy to breed.

First of all, you need a specialized breeding tank kept within the correct parameters.

They only spawn in shallow water just a few inches deep. The water should be very clean with a temperature of 25°c.

Stock a group with a ratio of one male for every two females.

When the female is ready to breed, she will become more colourful. During this time a pair will begin courting and moving around the tank together. When the eggs are fertilized, the females will spread them around the plants in the tank.

Within 36 hours the fry will hatch and you should move them to a deeper tank – this will also separate them from the adults who might eat them.

Life Span
2+ years