To help keep your pond looking its best we call every month. During the visit we would do the following:

  • Test the water. This helps identify problems very early and can prevent things getting worse.
  • Clean the filter(s). By keeping these as clean as possible then the water will remain clean and clear.
  • Clean the pump. If this is kept clean and flowing then the filters will work more efficiently and so maintain the clear pond.
  • Trim the plants. This help keep the plants in top condition these then help keep the water healthy.
  • UV check. These are checked to make sure they are still working to the maximum so that the green algae is kept away.
  • Clean waterfalls/features. These are cleaned as they are features of the garden.

The above are the main services we carry out others are carried out when needed as not all ponds are the same, these include the following.

  • Blanket weed treatments. These are added when needed as the blanket weed can become used to products.
  • Disease treatment. These are if the fish are affected by disease i.e. Fungus then a treatment can be dosed to make the fish better.