New Tank Syndrome: What is it and what I need to do.
New tank syndrome can happen to both new and old tanks but is more common in new hence the name.

This is when the toilet waste given off by the fish isn’t broken down efficiently by the filters bacteria due to new fish added or starting a new tank.

The process starts off with,
Ammonia: given off by fish this takes approximately 7 to 10 days to be processed from a toxic substance to a slightly less toxic substance call Nitrite.

Nitrite: this is slightly less harmful to the fish but can still stress and kill fish and it is a toxin. This will peak high the than ammonia as it takes longer for the bacteria to process this. The approximate time is from day 7 to day 36 .

Nitrates: These are the final product of the filter and are the least toxic to fish and slow start from day 30. We would recommend regular water changes of 25% to control these, every 2 weeks. You can also put treatments in the water to help maintain a lower nitrate liquids or sponges.

The best way to monitor and control the above is testing and water changing. I would recommend testing every 2 days and water change as needed around every 4 days at about 25% of your aquarium capacity for 4 weeks, during this time you will be unable to introduce new fish.
If you haven’t tested, then we would recommend taking a sample of water (about 100 ml) in store for it to be tested.

You can help things along by adding bacteria in to help kick start the filter and remove the harmful waste quicker this reducing the stress which may cause loss of your fish.
If you should have any problems, then please do not hesitate to contact the store immediately to help and advice.
This sheet is only for guidance please do your own research to find the best routine for you.


This process can be done with out the introduction of fish by simply adding ammonia into the water while no live stock is in there and testing for the ammonia and then nitrite. By adding ammonia and testing every 2 days you will see a spike in both ammonia and then nitrite and once these have returned to 0 then fish can be added.(approx. 4 to 8weeks)