Welcome to our page for a list of frequently stocked fish.

This is not our entire list but the ones that we most commonly have in stock. If you would like something that is not on our list then please contact us, as we may be able to order it in for you.


Aquatic Care Shop list of frequently stocked fish
Albino corydoras
Bronze corydoras
Peppered corydoras
Corydoras juli
Corydoras panda
Sheutzi corydoras
Corydoras sterbai

Chocolate doradid catfish
Glass catfish
Red whip tail catfish
Banjo catfish

Galaxy rasbora
Scissortail rasbora
Harlequin rasbora
Black/purple harlequin rasbora
Gold harlequin rasbora

Large red tailed shark
Albino red fin shark
Red fin/ rainbow shark
Silver shark
Red tailed black shark
Flying fox shark

Fighter fish direct from Thailand
Male Siamese fighter
Female Siamese fighter
Dumbo Siamese fighter
Crowntail siamese fighter

Zebra danio
Leopard danio
Glowlight danio
Pearl danio

Kribensis Cichlid
Firemouth Cichlid
Parrot cichlid
Blue ram cichlid
Malawi cichlid assorted
Convict cichlid
Albino Oscar
Tiger Oscar

Live bearers
Marble lyretail molly
Female guppy
Male guppy
Black Guppy

Endler guppy
Balloon molly

Assorted angels
Koi angel

Pink kissing gourami
Assorted gourami
Dwarf rainbow fish
Gold gourami
Red Honey Gourami

Bristlenose pleco
Ancistrus plec
Albino bristlenose Pleco
Albino plecostomas
Blue eyed plec
Gibbiceps Plecostomus
Gold ancistrus plec

Green tiger barbs
Tiger barbs
Cherry barbs
Red line torpedo barb
Golden barbs
Black ruby barb
Odessa barb
Albino tiger barb
Tinfoil barb
Checker barb
Rosy barb

Tetra ‘s
Black widow tetra
White widow tetra
Neon tetra
Large neon tetra
Silver tip tetra
X-ray tetra
Red phantom tetra
Black phantom tetra
Buenos Aires tetra
Emperor tetra
Columbian Redfin tetra
Glass bloodfin tetra
Cardinal tetra
Red eye glass tetra
Lemon tetra
Flame tetra
Rummy nose tetra
Albino neon tetra
Glow light tetra
Gold glowlight tetra
Bleeding heart tetra
Serpae tetra
Ember Tetra
Penguin tetra
Kitty tetra
Congo tetra

Cold Water fish
Comet goldfish
Assorted koi
Butterfly longfin koi
Golden tench
Japanese koi
Small Japanese koi
Ghost koi
Black goldfish
Golden orfe
Blue orfe
Calico moor
Yellow Goldfish
Lemon goldfish
Calico fantail
Red shiner
Stickle backs
English mountain minnows
Black moor
Red cap fantail
Golden weather loach
Assorted bubble eye
Chocolate fantails
weather loach
Lionhead ranchu
Algae eater
Borneo sucker
English Minnow

misc tropical
Dwarf gourami ( per pair) male female
Sparkling gourami
Yamato shrimp
Assassin snail
Norman’s Lamp eye
Paradise fish
Albino paradise fish
American flag fish
Sucking Loach
Golden sucking loach
Clown loach
Otocinclus algae eater
Blind Cave Fish
Bosemani rainbow
Golden dwarf puffer
Zebra striata botia
Khuli loach

Glass shrimp
Blue shrimp
Red shrimp
Orange sunkist shrimp
Bamboo shrimp
Red crystal shrimp
Black crystal shrimp

Dwarf Brown aquatic frogs
Golden pencilfish
Golden Congo frog
Red onion snail
Brown zebra snail
Spiky snail
Tropical red crab

We also stock a wide range of plants including floating plants.