Brick Work on Ponds

Garden_2005mrs_he_haney Brick_wall_garden Brick_wall_garden_2
The center picture shows the old brick store that was limiting the old pond. This was removed to allow the pond to increase in size. A water feature in the picture was also included. The last picture is complete all new pumps and filters included in the pond to keep the water clean and clear, the lions mask is working and the water feature to add the calming effect. All have independent controls so that not all have to be running all the time.


Raised Pond

The pictures below shows the different stages of the process from start to finish.
box_liner_pond_(1) box_liner_pond_(1a) box_liner_pond_(2) box_liner_pond_(3)
box_liner_pond_(4) box_liner_pond_(5) box_liner_pond_(6) box_liner_pond_complete

The second picture is of the new pond once we have removed the soil and have placed the bottom drain. We then laid the concrete base.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th pictures are the new block work for the pond and the underlay to protect the liner and the liner.
The 6th picture is the new filter being fitted on to the bottom drain so that water is drawn from the bottom of the pond to the filter. A cabinet was then put round the filter to help protect it and to finish the aesthetics of the pond. The pumps and UVC plus controls are also in the cabinet.

Pond Construction

This pond was constructed from start to finish as you can see form the pictures it has a concrete base and internal block wall with red brick face.
steve_evens steve_evens_1 case_image_1
Case_image_2 Case_image_3 Case_image_5
steve_evens_2 The pictured pond has a pump that has inlet and outlets underwater so that the surface is calm allowing the fish to be seen.
The feature has independent control so that in windy conditions this can be turned off to prevent water loss.
The filters and UVC’s are all placed at the back of the feature so that they are hide from view to allow for a beautiful feature in the garden.